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Buying a home is stressful. Especially if you are worried about one of your home’s systems or appliances breaking down unexpectedly. A home warranty is basically an insurance plan which covers expensive home repairs and replacements due to normal wear and tear. A home warranty is different from a homeowner’s insurance policy which covers the structure and personal property. The Home Warranty agreement is a different and separate contract which covers repairs or replacements on systems in your home, usually for a period of one year with an option to extend at revised rates.

Home warranties may cover many, but not all, of your home’s appliances and systems. Home Warranty contract costs and coverage can vary widely between warranty companies, so you should research and compare home warranty plans from different companies before purchasing. While Home warranties do cover many of your home’s critical systems and appliances, all of the systems and appliances must be in functional working order before the contract can be executed by the warranty company.

Typically the Home Warranty company employs a Licensed Home Inspector to go to the premises and inspect the systems and appliances to insure they are functional and in working order. The inspection is very specific in scope and at the conclusion of the inspection a formal report is submitted by the Licensed Home Inspector to the Home Warranty company.

You should review the contract and coverage to understand what is covered and what is not. Many times it is possible to customize the home warranty plan to meet your needs through extended or optional coverage to customize the plan to fit your needs. The Buyer or Seller may pay for the home warranty.

A home warranty program works best when it is understood and is designed to closely meet your needs. Such a program can help to minimize the stress of buying a home.



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If you are a First time home buyer or have recently moved Aldi Home Inspections is worth every penny. The gentlemen Bob was very thorough, took his time, paid very close attention to detail and i would recommend him 100 times over. He was a pleasure to have a conversation with and made me aware of all pros in cons with the home. He has state of the art technology he uses and was very knowledgeable. Excellent company!

A friend of ours highly recommended Bob Aldi for our very recent home inspection. We currently live out of state and are moving to NY. Bob made the entire home inspection process as painless as possible. He was very accessible and responsive to all of our questions or concerns. He followed up immediately after delivering the report to us to ensure we received it and spent nearly an hour going over it in detail with my husband to find things that were a priority to be fixed with the house. Bob is not an inspector to just check off the boxes and be done. He is extremely thorough in his inspections, taking upward of 4 hours to inspect the home and sends 30-40 page inspection reports to clients that are easy to read and understand with pictures for those not present. We are very happy our friend put us in touch with Bob, and highly recommend him to anyone looking for an upstanding inspector.

I’m glad someone recommended Bob to me – there is a reason why his reviews are so high. He doesn’t just have all the best gizmos to do a thorough inspection, it’s because he cares and takes the time to do a complete and thorough job. It’s like he’s inspecting the house for himself to buy. Pure dedication. On top of that, he stops and explains things to you in plain English so you understand what he is seeing and he makes himself available down the road too. (No inspector does that!) For my first house in another state I had a great inspector as a comparison point – but Bob blows him out of the water. Thank you!

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